Feedback from people who sold to us:

Usually the feedback is just something like “This process has been really easy. Thanks!” or “I’m so glad that my old saxophone is now getting played again.” or “Thank you for your very fair offer.” Here’s a particularly nice bit of customer feedback:

Bob Holman holmanbob@******
The only guy from whom to buy or sell a sax!
As a commercial real estate broker for 35 years, I’m used to negotiating
with the “Donald Trumps” of the world. And so when I approached selling my
2 saxes that have not been played for decades, I knew I was entering an
unfamiliar world of pricing and business ethics. I temporarily avoiding
local stores and researched the internet thorougly for hours, finding much
useful pricing information, to my surprise, UsedSaxophoneBuyer was one of three
businesses I pursued. In summary, it stood way above the other two. The company’s
low overhead operation and knowledge of saxes resulted in the prices
offered being considerably more than offers from the other two
businesses. And through their honest discussion of how they will price both
saxes, I feel they ended up being just as much a winner as I surely did.
Payment and shipping were handled very professionally, as well. Thanks



Feedback from people who bought from us:

Recent one from a pro tenor player who bought a carefully restored horn from the 30’s. :

Finally got the Radio Improved tenor at my local post office today! First impressions are GRAND! The horn, oh my! I think we’ll be the best of friends. Once again your description is spot on. Very similar to the SBA in sound and feel, but bigger, wider. Been practicing hard for a few hours now, and it feels great already. The SBA sounded pretty slim in comparison afterwards! 🙂

I’ll take the Radio Improved to my favorite tech tomorrow for some minor tweaks (adding 3mm of cork to high D and E, removing cork/adding felt to the low C# lever to avoid noise against the body tube, new plastic tube covers for the pin of the side Bb and side C, and repositioning the neck strap ring (2cm down and 1cm towards the right so the horn hangs more like my SBA.

Getting completely used to the left hand pinky cluster will probably take a while, but even after one evening I feel I can cope somehow.

So, that’s first impressions. I’m very happy about our deal!