Because we care.

We aren’t just flipping saxophones, we are fixing them up and putting them into the hands of musicians who appreciate these instruments for what they are.  As a result, we don’t just buy anything.  We buy the good stuff, we treat it well, and you can rest easy knowing that your instrument is going to a new life.  Because properly cared for and in the hands of people who love them, these saxophones will be making music long after you and I are gone.


We are also BY FAR the easiest way to sell your saxophone!

If you are trying to sell your saxophone, the three most common options are: Pawn shop, music store, or eBay/Craigslist. There are BIG problems with all three- perhaps you are already aware of this, which is why you are here.

A pawn shop is only going to give you a small fraction of what we can pay for the kinds of horns that we buy. A typical pawn shop may give you $200-1000 for a vintage Selmer Mark VI saxophone, where we have paid anywhere from $2500 to $9500 for individual examples, depending upon vintage and condition.

eBay is a HUGE hassle and full of scams, difficult buyers, and LOOOONG holds placed on the money after a sale is made. Buyers have up to 6 MONTHS to return anything you sell on eBay, and eBay will actually come after you through your bank account or even debt collectors in order to recover the money if a buyer has second thoughts, even after months of use and abuse.  You also have to deal with the high selling fees of 13-14%.

Craigslist can be full of scams for specialty items like nicer saxophones- which often sell very slowly or not at all anyways unless you happen to live in a very large city. It can also be a dangerous place to try to sell something of such high value- so if you do go this route, please meet your potential buyers in a very public place.  Although of course, that can be problematic for a buyer who wants to play test your saxophone before purchase.

Local music stores are few and far between, and they are usually unwilling to pay any kind of good price for unrestored vintage inventory. Most music stores make their profits from selling new student instruments, and from rentals, NOT from restoring vintage saxophones.


So if like many people, you find yourself asking “Where should I sell my saxophone?” you will likely find that we really are the best option for a quick, simple, safe sale of your saxophone for a fair price.  To give some more examples, we recently paid over $3000 for a vintage King Zephyr Special tenor saxophone needing full restoration, and $2750 for a similar alto. As much as $3750 for a vintage Conn 30M tenor, over $5000 a piece earlier vintages of Selmer Mark VI soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone. We also buy vintage Martin saxophones, SML saxophones, Buescher saxophones. We also buy unusual horns. We buy bass saxophones. We buy sopranino saxophones, sarrusophones. We buy lots of saxophone parts, and we buy saxophone mouthpieces. We can also buy some clarinets and flutes at times.